Mia Mulvey – Faculty Triennial 2012

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Above: Mia Mulvey, Sylvae, 2012 Faculty Triennial Installation View

Mia Mulvey received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is currently an Assistant Professor at The University of Denver. Her ceramic sculptures are influenced by the intersection between art and science, its history, advancements, and tools, continually inspire her.
Mulvey writes:

While technique is not the main focus of my work, ceramic’s material qualities, associations, histories and craftsmanship all support my aesthetic and concepts. The challenge of creating something precise, perfect, and beautiful from a soft, raw material is a process I enjoy quite a bit. I am excited by the labor of working with the material, specifically the process of experimenting and pushing the envelope of what can be done with clay. I have recently extended the challenge of the material into the future and began working with digital technologies and how they can further my ideas in the field of ceramics.

To see more of Mia’s work, please visit www.miamulvey.com