Mindy Bray – Faculty Triennial 2012

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Recycling Center

Mindy Bray is an adjunct in that School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver, currently teaching 2D Foundations. As a visual artist, Bray creates visual fields engineered to challenge the way the brain tries to categorize information. The reason for causing the viewer to enter a state of mental struggle stems from the idea that she wants to “leave the mind in a state of suspension between recognition and non-recognition,” says Bray. To assemble these works, the process mirrors that of the brain as it decodes the visual significance of the images. By forming a system of confined shapes and an organized value structure, Bray hides the original form of the image, leaving a mental jumble for the viewer to sort out.

“My paintings present both opportunities; they offer a field that can either be reconstructed and named, or can be accepted and felt,” Bray comments about her work.

Her pieces for the triennial are perfect examples of the previously described processes for artist and viewer. Bray will exhibit “Hedge” and “Recycling Center.”

To learn more about Mindy Bray and view more artworks, please visit www.mindybray.com