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Susan Meyer – Faculty Triennial 2012

  Susan Meyer is a lecturer in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver. Through complex sculptural installations, she creates fanciful habitats from materials, such as acrylic, steel rods, aluminum and wood. These environments, suggestive of architectural models, are inhabited by scale models of the human form, which are shown...

January 6, 2012December 3, 2019

Jessie Paige – Faculty Triennial 2012

Paige writes: As an artist, it is my compulsion to express what seizes my thoughts. I am concerned/consumed with the human condition: how we relate, how we live, and the beautiful complexities that are intrinsic to life. I make photographs to understand the world in which I live – both the internal and the external...

January 4, 2012December 3, 2019

Lauren Mayer – Faculty Triennial 2012

Above: Lauren Mayer, “There is no room for me to rest in a thief” In much of Lauren’s work, she explores memory, trace, and metaphor through furniture, as can be seen in the piece for this year’s Triennial, “There is no room for me to rest in a thief,” a chair made of porcelain. In her...

January 2, 2012December 3, 2019

Mia Mulvey – Faculty Triennial 2012

Above: Mia Mulvey, Sylvae, 2012 Faculty Triennial Installation View Mia Mulvey received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is currently an Assistant Professor at The University of Denver. Her ceramic sculptures are influenced by the intersection between art and science, its history, advancements, and tools, continually inspire her. Mulvey writes: While technique is not the...

December 30, 2011December 3, 2019

Timothy Weaver – Faculty Triennial 2012

Timothy Weaver is a new media artist whose work is directly related to life sciences and what he calls “ecological memory.” In his work “Hylaea: Campephilus,” he explores the lost ecological memory of the Campephilus bird, a sacred species whose endangered future is tied to that of the American forests. “Hylaea” refers to the mythical...

December 23, 2011December 3, 2019

Catherine Chauvin – Faculty Triennial 2012

Catherine Chauvin is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Denver, where she teaches printmaking and drawing.  In recent years, her work has dealt with the Earth’s landscape – what people do to sculpt landscapes, their failure to return the landscape to its original state, and their...

December 22, 2011December 3, 2019