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Shaft - Full View


Shaft - Close-up
Shaft - Close-up

Susan Meyer is a lecturer in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver. Through complex sculptural installations, she creates fanciful habitats from materials, such as acrylic, steel rods, aluminum and wood. These environments, suggestive of architectural models, are inhabited by scale models of the human form, which are shown interacting with other figures or alone in an apparent state of boredom. By creating this laser-cut models based upon digital drawings, Meyer explores the themes of tensions between the communal ideal and individual concerns as well as the stress between nature and human constructions. She sometimes bases aspects of the pieces themselves upon U.S. utopian environments and their eventual demise and plans for large, community housing units and Europe. For the Faculty Triennial, Meyer is showing the piece, “Shaft” – a large, colorful, freestanding laser-cut cylinder, as well as clusters of other pieces to create a cohesive installation.

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