Sarah Gjertson – Faculty Triennial 2012

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Above: Sarah Gjertson, “Relics”

Sarah Gjertson, Associate Professor in Studio Art in the School of Art and Art History, teaches studio art courses, as well as advanced seminars. A versatile artist, Gjertson works in a variety of  mediums, including film, sculpture, installation and works on paper. Through these many ways of expression,  she seeks to create a sense of nostaligia for her audience by using materials that many people might have emotional associations with in order to elicit a response. Gjertson often uses actual objects, rather than substitutes or representations. She writes:

“Our memories and personal experiences are often triggered by the actualities of things we have touched and encountered and enjoy exploring this déjà vu of the material world.”

In keeping with a theme of creating reactive experiences for her viewers, Gjertson will show her piece, “Relics,” which consists of ten eighteen-pound solid bronze rings.  These rings can be moved and rearranged, giving the participants the opportunity to access their own associations and experiences triggered by direct touch.  She will also show the film, “Running Bride,” at the Triennial.

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