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The Vicki Myhren Gallery showcases and inspires creativity at the University of Denver. Through collaborative programs and dynamic exhibitions, the VMG encourages the interplay of artistic expression with student learning and serves as a multidisciplinary space for conversation, community, co-creation, performance, and practice of the arts.

The Vicki Myhren Gallery is the principal exhibition venue for visual art at the University of Denver. Dedicated to interdisciplinary visual arts programming and practice, the VMG is integral to the educational mission of the School of Art and Art History and the university and provides opportunities for engagement with the communities beyond campus. Established in 2001, the gallery is named in honor Victoria H. Myhren, a life-long lover of the visual arts who believes students and communities should have access to vibrant spaces for creative engagement with art and artists.

The VMG exhibits with relevance thoughtfully connecting to curricula across the university while engaging the community. We are contemporary, experimental, and creative, while connecting to historic influences. We are thought-provoking and dynamic. We are not a space but an experience—made by the people who interface with the art: artists, curators, students and faculty who interpret and shape the space through exhibitions and programming. The VMG is a space where ideas become visible. At times contemplative, at times argumentative, but always vibrant, the VMG provides a lens through which to gaze and engage. It invites and demands attention. It engages across and beyond campus, coming to you and beckoning you in. It is reliably ever-changing and ever-relevant in your quest provocation, contemplation, exploration, and interconnection across time, space, history and subject matter. You come back for more, because you must.

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Sierra Thompson

Sierra is a first-year graduate student studying art history with a concentration in museum studies. They hail from Southern California...

Chloe LeRoy

First-Year Graduate Gallery Assistant Chloe LeRoy received a bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies from Miami University in 2023 and now...

Geoffrey Shamos

Geoffrey Shamos


Director of Vicki Myhren Gallery and Curator of University Art Collections

Lauren Anuszewski

Lauren Anuszewski

Gallery Assistant

Lauren Anuszewski serves as the Exhibitions and Events Manager at the Vicki Myhren Gallery and a Research Fellow for the...

Emily Oxford-Pickeral

Emily Oxford-Pickeral

Graduate Gallery Assistant

Emily Oxford-Pickeral is a second-year master’s student in art history and museum studies at the University of Denver, and she...