Senior BA Showcase

At the end of each academic year, the School of Art and Art History’s studio faculty presents an exhibition of junior and senior BA students in the Schwayder Art Building lobby. Seen as a way to celebrate upper-class students that will graduate with a bachelor of arts, this annual exhibition is an important showcase of departmental talent in multiple mediums and styles. This year the BA Showcase moved online, and students could elect to send in work to Vicki Myhren Gallery. VMG was happy to receive submissions from three fabulous senior students: Ellen Kaufman, Jennifer Kempf, and David Fain.

VMG and the School of Art and History congratulate these fabulous students on their hard work during a challenging quarter of at-home learning. We look forward to their future endeavors!

Scroll down the page to see their submitted work as well as links to their websites and social media handles.

″Hold Your Breath″, detail

Ellen Kaufman is an artist raised in Colorado, the daughter of two Jewish Belerusean immigrants. Her multimedia practice often deals with individual’s relationships with their culture, their family, and struggles that impede the development of both personal and societal relationships. Through the use of dynamic, expressive brushstrokes, organic forms, and a wide range of colors in Kaufman’s work aims to create lively portraiture of subjects both human and not.

Check out Ellen Kaufman’s website here. You can also follow her on Instagram.

David Fain, ″Light Defines Form″, 2020, Oil on Canvas

David Fain, ″Paris″, 2019, Photograph (Film)

David Fain, ″Portland″, 2020, Digital Illustration

David Fain, ″Happy Sparrow″, 2020, Digital Illustration

David Fain is an artist and graphic designer born and raised in Portland Oregon, though now he calls Denver home. Moving forward, he wants to concentrate his practice in photography and design work. Fain shoots film on a Nikon F2 from his grandpa that’s been in a box in his parent’s house for many years. The artist loves to experiment and share the technique of developing with  T-Max 400 and 100 films, as well as other photographic methods such as Cyanotype, & the VanDyke process.

David Fain’s website is here. You can also check him out on Instagram.


Jennifer Kempf, ″realm′d″, 2020oil on canvas and thread

Jenifer Kempf, ″Oops″, 2020, oil on canvas

Jennifer Kempf,

The art of Jennifer Kempf​ is meant to be felt. Not physically, but from within. It seeks to spark conversation about nothing in particular but rather to entice reactions that may lead to discomfort. Or pleasure. Or both. It seeks to translate a state of mind, a feeling, an experience, a way of life.

Visit her website or her Instagram to learn more about her practice.