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In fall of 2012, the Gallery presents Richard Bell: Uz vs. Them, the first major traveling exhibition in the United States dedicated to the work of Australian activist and artist Richard Bell.

From the American Federation of Arts:

Bell is probably best known for his “theorems,” a series of paintings with declarative pro-Aboriginal statements. Among his most famous is Aboriginal Art—it’s a white thing (2002), in which he accuses the contemporary art world of manipulating and exploiting indigenous art while he himself ironically utilizes in the work an earthy palette and brushstroke derived from traditional Aboriginal desert painting. Another in the exhibition, Wewereherefirst (2007), which features a multi-colored Jasper Johns target in the center, speaks to a universal indigenous voice in the struggle against the continued colonialist stronghold. In his most recent “theorem,” Pay the Rent (2009), Bell demands back rent from the colonizers as restitution for what they owe to the colonized Aborigines since “the invasion” in 1788.

A fully illustrated catalogue is published by the AFA in association with D Giles Limited, London.