Lopin’ Along through the Cosmos

MAY 14, 2020 – MAY 29, 2020

Rara Avis is a collaboration between Vincent James and his daughters, Lola and Daisy. Together, the three make collages a couple days a week with soundtracks, snacks, and conversations about the arts. Vincent cuts and glues the pieces and the three collaborate on the arrangements, often with research tangents into the history of collage, mythology, entomology, and history. The results, they hope, are pieces of strange wonder that make space for joy. See more of their collages, where prints are available for purchase, at www.raraaviscollage.com.

Vincent James lives and writes in Colorado, where he just completed a PhD in Fiction at the University of Denver. There, he serves as the Associate Editor of Denver Quarterly. James’ first novel, SWERVE, is forthcoming from Astrophil Press (2020), and other work has appeared in Texas Review, Prick of the Spindle, FIXE, and he was recently shortlisted for the 2019 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. Find him on Instagram @FatherFever

Lola is seven and has expressed her desire to be a visual artist since she could comprehend that future. She loves fairies, dress up, all things magical, reading, and talking about “our company.”

Daisy is six and wishes to be a florist. She loves unicorns, anything a little scary, races, and learning how to cook.


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