Paige Grover

Nature has a way of inviting us back to our bodies, reminding us we are not only thinking beings, but feeling ones as well. I describe this as resensitization. I always notice my breath more when I’m out in nature, or feel wind across my face and legs, or even when rain is falling on windows. In my work, these conversations with nature inspire an ongoing creative exploration with all our senses – bodily, metaphysical, tactile, intuitive. Once we are in touch with ourselves, we become more sensitive to the land and others. 

Throughout my life I have gone back to this connection as healing for my own trauma, big or small. In my current body of work, movement, writing, and reflection – both literal and internal – help navigate experiences of invasion of trust and a reclamation of vulnerability. In my performances, videos, and projections, I facilitate a two-sided experience that encourages honesty and reciprocal engagement, presenting my physical body and mistakes as a challenge to myself to be open again. I ask for vulnerability from my audience by presenting my own. What are we running from, and how can we learn to heal?