Lost and Found

Artist and Curator Jin Wook Lee

January 26 through February 19, 2024

“Lost and Found” presents a new experimental typeface — a fusion of Hangeul and the Latin script. This convergence invites viewers to witness visual duality: some see intricate Korean characters, while others identify familiar English letterforms. The delicate interplay between Hangeul’s geometric shapes and the Latin script not only challenges expectations but also serves as a testament to dual cultural identities. As a Korean navigating the American landscape, the artist Jin Wook Lee grapples with the dissonance between their American upbringing and Korean heritage. This struggle, manifested in suppressing cultural facets to fit in, evokes profound alienation, adding depth to the narrative of identity and connection in the exhibition.

The intentional ambiguity of the visual exploration of the new typeface sparks dynamic engagement, encouraging individuals to interpret the typeface through their unique cultural and linguistic lenses. The experimental typeface acts as a bridge, connecting diverse audiences through a collective exploration of language and cultural subtleties, embodying the project’s central ethos of belonging and cultural understanding.