Jordan Bigelow

Layers between ourselves and others.  

Numerous layers that make up every person.  

A multitude of layers that make up our interactions with one another.   

I examine the spaces between these layers, and in my work, the images presented are recontextualized and embedded with the hidden parts of ourselves.  

I work with a diverse set of materials – printmaking, painting, book binding, textiles – jumping from 2D to 3D realms. I often start with photographs, capturing instants between individuals, and freezing flashes of isolation. This combination and layering of media reflects the chaos of our complex and mystifying world.  

I am dedicated to bringing the dark into the light. I encourage the viewer to examine the dark within themselves, to show that things are never as they seem. I bring awareness to issues that some would rather sweep under the rug, exposing the pieces of trauma that no one wants to acknowledge. And through this required reflection, survivors have the space to be seen.