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October 8 – November 15, 2015

Annabeth Rosen

This exhibition features pieces from an ongoing series of collected and bundled handmade ceramic “found” objects. Also included in the show are large-scale drawings relating to the to the ceramic artwork.

Rosen, who is the Robert Arneson Endowed Chair in ceramic sculpture at University of California Davis, is a widely exhibited artist with works in many major art museums. She was also recently selected for “The Artist Project” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

To bundle, the gather up the pieces; to fit them together compactly; to bind them; to gather the fragile; to make it strong. To bid them into something monstrous but elegant, sublimely on the edge of dangerous. Each piece a package of thoughts; ideas wrapped and offered as an “all’-in-one”. A bundle of emotions, bound, ready to be carried away.
    Pamela Wilson-Rykman