Threshold: 2015 BFA Exhibition

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May 14th – June 6th, 2015

Although no two of this year’s works are executed in the same medium, there is unusual harmony in their subdued and subtle tones. All share a restrained, even elegant approach, and most are largely monochromatic. With a contemplative, reflective orientation, they feature questions of self/other boundaries. Some of these thresholds are seen as internal to the artist’s own identity, some are expressed in terms of family or the narrower community, and others are reflections of a wider social or environmental issues (e.g. the internet, the natural world).

The diversity of media – ranging from traditional paintings, through ceramic and found-object installations, to digital video and animated GIF portraits – demonstrates the scope of art instruction here at the School of Art & Art History (SAAH). The increasing conceptual sophistication of our graduating BFA students’ work might speak to a deepening sense of engagement with issues of personal and societal evolution. The questioning and often open-ended spirit of these works is to be commended.