Faculty Triennial 2012

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January 19 – March 11, 2012

The Faculty Triennial includes not only the regular faculty of SAAH, but also the adjunct faculty members who are teaching during the current academic year. As with many art programs around the country, we have long relied on adjuncts to expand and diversify the range of media, approaches, and viewpoints we can offer. Both regular and adjunct faculty members who are artists—the “makers”—participate in a wide range of exhibitions, programs and publications outside DU, but it’s especially important to make sure that their work is also seen on campus. In addition to the occasional large group exhibition such as this one, we also feature faculty artists in individual or small group shows, as we did last year with printmaker Catherine Chauvin and ceramic artist Mia Mulvey, and as we will do next year with painter Deborah Howard.

I am particularly struck by the ambitious scope of many of this year’s offerings. The casual viewer may not think about the preparation that may be required to secure the funding, materials, expertise and time needed to realize many of these projects, but a moment of contemplation will provide some idea. Try to imagine how many days or weeks are necessary to gather film footage in eight or ten states; or to arrange for the fabrication of granite and steel sculptures in China; or to research the background of dozens of portraits; or to render complex mathematical animations in relation to microscopic imagery; etc., etc. The persistent research, consultation, planning and craft that go into such works are truly impressive.