Cliff Evans: Citizen

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January 7 – February 21, 2010

Citizen, an HD video installation by Brooklyn-based media artist Cliff Evans, will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in the Denver region. Featured works are: Citizen: The Wolf and Nanny, a three-channel HD video projection, together with three other single channel works: Citizen: Camping at Home; Untitled (sketch for a monument to J.G. Ballard#1); and Untitled (sketch for a monument to J.G. Ballard#2)

Cliff Evans creates multi-screen photo-animation spectaculars that incorporate humor and a critical eye to confront the mediated and constructed landscapes of fear and desire in contemporary American culture. Using recognizable images and personalities culled from the internet and projected throughout the gallery, Evans creates an immersive environment of rhythm, sound, and motion.

In a year-end review for ARTFORUM, Barbara London, Associate Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, included Evans’ The Road to Mount Weather as one of the Best Films of 2006.

With a pinch of Hieronymus Bosch and another of William S. Burroughs, Evans’ three-channel video installation brilliantly portrays 21st century phobias in this up-to-the-minute version of purgatory.

Cliff Evans is represented by Curator’s Office, Washington, DC and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, NY.

Review by the Denver Post’s Kyle MacMillan here