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April 5th – May 6th, 2012

Featured Collectors:
Collection of Wayne Yakes, M.D.
The Dikeou Collection
Made in China Gallery 
Collection of Baryn S. Futa 

The Myhren Gallery has developed strong relationships with a number of art collectors and often explores their holdings in dedicated exhibitions. Reflecting the growing spirit of collaboration in the regional art community, 4X4 brings together works from four important contemporary art collections, each of which contributes works by four living artists.

The represented collections demonstrate creative approaches to the problem of defining a meaningful collection within the diversity of a globalized art market. While the approaches followed are various, they have in common a certain intensity of purpose and a willingness to follow the eccentricities and accidents of the collector’s personal history.

Two of the collections (Futa and Yakes) are consistent with the more traditional format of the private, individual collector (although subject matter can be very forward), while the other two (Dikeou and Made In China Gallery) represent collective, even quasi-institutional, efforts driven by the personal interests of the participants.