VMG Update: Spring 2020

Hello to all our wonderful followers and supporters!

Spring Quarter has been busy for the Vicki Myhren Gallery and our wonderful student workers. In mid-March, VMG launched our new website. Our sleek new look is a long-term project spearheaded by our lovely graduate student Savanna Ames, featuring better visitor navigation and simpler layout to ensure that works showcased on our site get all the attention they deserve.

Responding to COVID 19 has been a top priority. Following the launch of our new website, VMG has dedicated much of our energy to ensuring that we are a viable entity outside of our physical gallery space. We are brainstorming new ways to engage our audience, and also taking care of our student workers and the SAAH community to create new spaces for creative experiences.

By the end of June, we will have launched four online virtual exhibitions, with more to come! Our GTA’s Danielle Cunningham and Hilary Gibson have been instrumental in making the switch to web-based exhibitions. Several of our online exhibitions show the talents and efforts of DU students, including the 2020 BFA Show Placeholder. Student artists Melia Ortiz, Daniel Goldstein, and Sofi Hailu have been amazingly flexible as they have worked with the gallery under such unusual and stressful circumstances. Their talent and professionalism have been fantastic! We hope to create a physical exhibition for them as well in Schwayder sometime in the future.

VMG also launched a social media campaign at the beginning of April that sought to spread the word about the many projects that Colorado artists have begun, completed, and brainstormed while under quarantine. We received an overwhelming response! This initiative was spearheaded by Lauren Hartog and also morphed into an online virtual exhibition, and VMG is in talks with the Arvada Center for the Arts about potentially making this digital exhibition a physical one.

Thinking about more future exhibition seasons, digital and physical, has also been a high priority for VMG. Currently, our entire team is involved in researching potential opportunities. We have also been crafting an exhibition evaluation form to help standardize and streamline the process of selecting exhibition proposals for our staff and exhibition committee. Additionally, we are exploring ways to make the physical gallery space of VMG serve double duty as extended space for classes and groups in fall 2020.

Warm Regards,

Geoffrey, Lauren, Danielle, Hilary, and Savanna