Faith Wilding: Natural Parables

Revised Exhibition Dates: April 10 - May 3, 2020

The magical work of life-making and world-making lies at the core of human existence and imaginative creation. From this sacred space emerges Natural Parables, a series by prolific artist-activist Faith Wilding. Natural Parables uses imagery from her native Paraguay to explore  themes of alchemy, dreams, goddess-lore, botany, mythology, feminist theory, women’s histories, and environmentalism.

Originally created in the 1970s, Wilding revisited Natural Parables in 2017 after returning to Paraguay for the first time in several years to find the lush forests of her childhood almost completely destroyed. She has since begun working through the immeasurable loss of Paraguay’s unique environment through art making.  Through the exhibition of these works, and in her collaborative performance with the local collective Hexus, Wilding encourages reflection and rediscovery as we reform our relationship to the natural world.

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