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The More you Know with HRAC
When: Thursday, November 15, 2018 4 PM
Where: In the Gallery with free food and drinks

Please register ahead of time, the workshop is free but there are limited spots available!

What: Honoring World AIDS Day on December 1, 2018, the Vicki Myhren Gallery in conjunction with Lisa Raville of Harm Reduction Action Center presents a free workshop centered on the facts and myths about harm reduction. The workshop will be held in the gallery on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 4 pm. Food and drinks will be provided!

Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing the public health risks associated with drug use. Harm Reduction calls for the non-judgmental, non-coercive provision of services and resources to people who use drugs, and the communities in which they live, in order to assist them in reducing harm. Harm Reduction is not the opposite of Recovery, it is just the more patient and sustainable route.

Since 2002, the Harm Reduction Action Center (HRAC) has been the primary provider of emergency, heath, and human services to injection drug users (IDUs) in Colorado. They are keeping Denver healthier and safer with proper syringe disposal, clean syringes, access to on-demand HIV/HCV testing, health education classes, street outreach, and referrals to mental health/substance abuse treatment.

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