Fieldworks Lecture 3

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Fieldworks Lecture 3

Join us for the last lecture in the Fieldworks Lecture Series with Dr. Scott Montgomery and Jennifer Ghormley this Wednesday 2/14 from 12-1pm!


Dr. Scott Montgomery talks about the posters in the Visual Trips exhibition.

Dr. Scott Montgomery is currently collaborating with Dan Obarski on a two-hour documentary film on the Family Dog Denver. It tells the colorful tale of interwoven storylines of psychedelic posters, lightshows, rock music, and countercultural identity and conflict in Denver from fall 1967 through summer 1968. Much of the film is comprised of first-hand interview footage – critical primary source material captured specifically for the documentary. The Tale of the Dog, now in the editing phase, is projected for release in late 2018.








Jennifer Ghormley, Elongated Triptych

Jennifer Ghormley’s artwork is an introspective analysis of the presence of the human body; through tracing the history of touch, physical sensation, and emotional interactions, her intention is to explore, engage, and express our corporeal reality. The human body represents an infinite terrain for exploration, analysis, and inspection. Working with various processes of printmaking, drawing, photography, installations, paper, fabric, thread, sewing and staining, her artwork evokes a sensual and mysterious response. Metaphoric images and objects instigate a physical experience, creating a personal dialogue between the art object and the perception of the viewer.