Fieldworks Lecture 2

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Fieldworks Lecture 2

Come join us February 8th from 6-7pm for the next lecture in our Fieldworks Lecture Series. This week’s lecture duo is Brandon Siscoe and Kristin Stransky:

Brandon Siscoe is a searcher, scavenger, and reverent re-presenter interested in positioning orphaned objects into a new psychological space. Siscoe dismantles the symbolic status of the object, interrupting established hierarchies and perceived relationships to view objects with fresh eyes.

Kristin Stransky studies the intersections of craft, gender, social interaction and experience, emotion and technology. Stransky creates wearables, immersive computing environments and prosthetics for simulated interaction. She explores 3-D printing and has created HexWare, a 3D printed fabric made of printed hexagons that join together to create a pliable plastic body. HexWare challenges perceptions of new materials and their possible uses.


Kristin Stransky, hexWare (detail), 2016-2017. 3D printed fabric.

Brandon Siscoe, Untitled – first pressing of antonin artuad’s the theater and its double 1938, wine glass, 2016