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2019-2020 Exhibitions

Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Is a traveling exhibition that explores the intersections among a network of over fifty artists. This historical exhibition is the first of its kind to excavate histories of experimental art practice, collaboration, and exchange by a group of Los Angeles-based queer Chicanx artists between the late 1960s and early 1990s. While the exhibition’s heart looks at the work of Chicanx artists in Los Angeles, it reveals extensive new research into the collaborative networks that connected these artists to one another and to artists from many different communities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and international urban centers, thus deepening and expanding narratives about the development of the Chicano Art Movement, performance art, and queer aesthetics and practices.

Fieldworks: Creative Research by DU Faculty 2019

This exhibition offers a candid view of the art-making process with a special focus on research, revision, successes, and failures. Six artists allow us a candid glimpse of their unique modus operandi. Visitors can expect to see new and old works, projects in progress, and process materials. 2019 participating faculty members are interdisciplinary, utilizing wide-ranging practices rooted in diverse materials and methodologies. Featured professors include Raphael Fajardo, Meg Jackson, Deborah Howard, Mia Mulvey and Bin Ramke, and Chinn Wang.

Ghostly Traces

Explores issues of memory, mortality, and transience in contemporary photography. The exhibition features an international roster of artists who probe the medium’s inherent tensions between presence and absence, recording and erasure, material and spirit. Curated by Geoffrey Shamos and MA students from the School of Art and Art History.

Juried Alumni Exhibition

The Vicki Myhren Gallery closes the 2018-2019 season with its triennial Juried Alumni Exhibition. Guest jurors Andrea Wallace, Sue Oehme, and Cordelia Taylor chose the following artists for inclusion in the exhibition:

Patricia Aaron, Ellen Beller, Sandra Ceas, Matt Christie, Joyce Coco, Andrew Elijah Edwards, David Fodel , Lindsay Smith Gustave Melinda Laz, Maeve Leslie, Cassandra Lillard, Tom Linker, Laurel McMechan, Noah Phillips, Morgan Price, Mario Zoots, Clare Scott, Naomi Scheck, Joseph Sullivan, Matt Swisher, Carol Till, Faith Williams, and Kate Woestemeyer.