The Wall/La Pared: Immigration and Identity

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Fernandez_Fernandez September 29th-November 13th

An exhibition in collaboration with Maruca Salazar of Denver’s Museo de las Americas, The Wall features contemporary Latino/a artists working in the muralist tradition, as well as contemporary painters, tattoo artists and experimental media pieces. The exhibition showcases the work of 9 regional artists and explores processes of conceiving, making and placing of public mural art.  The Wall asks the question: How does mural art express socio-political viewpoints or, alternatively, advertising and commercial enterprises?

In our current political climate, the image of a wall is a contested metaphor of discrimination, fear and xenophobia. The Vicki Myhren Gallery offers a counterpoint- providing a space for artists with direct links to immigration to explore their identity, reacting to the wall as a metaphor, or leaving it behind.


Featured Artists: Alicia Cardenas, Josiah Lee Lopez, Antonia Fernandez, Daniel Salazar, Diego Rodriguez-Warner, J.V.A.B., Mario Zoots, Mark Bueno, Miguel Tarango, and Victoriano Rivera.




Installation shots courtesy Wes Magyar and William O’Connor