Artist Talk with Annabeth Rosen at the VM Gallery

On Friday, Annabeth Rosen sat down with a group of DU students and faculty to discuss her work and process. In the hour and a half she spoke, she discussed a wide range of topics including her successes and failures as a studio artist. She also engaged in a conversation with students about creativity across disciplines.

Below is a selection of questions and answers from the discussion:

Q: Do you do the drawings first or the ceramics?
A: Drawings were 2 or 3 years ahead of ceramics. Flat, weightless, process is so much easier and faster. Ceramics takes more time, building up, working against gravity and you are moving things, materials, in and out of the kiln, etc. But now I work more simultaneously on drawings, small pieces, and big pieces that all inform each other.

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: Yellow, it’s invigorating. Anything yellow, from a bus to a sign.

Q: Do the cracks in your work bother you?
A: No. Not at all. It shows vulnerability.

Q: Do you have any book recommendations?
A: The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt