BFA Senior, Mikaela Fortune, was recently featured on Printeresting for her work displayed in Composite: 2014 BFA Exhibition in the Myhren Gallery at the University of Denver. It is a testament to her sophistication as an artist to be recognized on a national platform.

Associate Professor, Catherine Chauvin, has worked with Mikaela since her freshman year at DU. When asked about her experiences with Mikaela, she commented:

“In her first Foundation Drawing class at DU, I remember trying to keep this bright student challenged but found myself walking by her easel with little to say except ‘Great work,’ ‘Keep going,’ because her drawing skills were so solid.  I think she looked up to the Advanced Figure Drawing students who sat in our sessions and modeled her projects to keep up with theirs. When Mikaela later chose to work in the Printmaking Area as an assistant, I was thrilled. Since then, Mikaela has grown from a quiet, conscientious student to a confident leader, who is honest and still maintains a sense of fun, wonder and a love for learning.  Her passion for reading, observing media and making artwork with a thread of the Multiple is still as apparent as her first quarter at DU.  Her work shows restraint in color, but explodes with her hard work, ranging from a series of 8 books printed this Fall at her internship, to 300 intimate drawings, also shown this Fall in our student gallery. In the Senior Bachelor of Fine Art sequence, Mikaela has been developing her own civilization and the work in this years BFA exhibition and the Printeresting article reflects that work.”

Congratulations, Mikaela on your achievements and artistic recognition! To read the article on Printeresting, click here, and don’t forget to come by the gallery before June 7 to see the BFA Exhibition.

Artwork by Mikaela Fortune
Artwork by Mikaela Fortune