Myhren Gallery Shows Improvement…


The Myhren Gallery now boasts an additional work by a female artist (or in this case, artists) in the A Decade of Gifts and Discoveries exhibition. Gallery Director, Dan Jacobs acquired a poster from the Guerrilla Girls for the University Art Collections and had it autographed by founding members, Frida Kahlo and Käthe Kollwitz during their DU visit last week. Everyone  at the gallery was enthusiastic about the acquisition, and it was suggested that instead of waiting to show it off, we should add it to the current show. The angle boards where the Josef Albers prints seemed like a perfect location, so we decided to do a switch, planting the Guerrilla Girls poster right in the center of the series. Albers falls into the white, male artist category which has traditionally dominated museum exhibitions, so we made our own statement by replacing part of his series with a work by the female artists.

A Decade of Gifts and Discoveries is open daily from 12-4 through March 9, 2013, so you still have a week to stop by for a viewing of the poster in its new location.