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Guerrilla Girls Go DU

As many of you know, the Guerrilla Girls gave a performance at the University of Denver on Monday night. It was an indisputable success; the Cable Center auditorium was filled to capacity, and there was an overflow viewing area set up in front of a large screen in the lobby. The final head count was around 350 people, with many familiar faces of faculty, staff, students and DU Art! members visible among the crowd. Thank you to everyone who took the time to travel here (some from as far as Greeley!), providing an enthusiastic audience for the Frida Kahlo and Käthe Kollwitz. These two women are founding members of the group, and have been working to promote gender and racial equality in museums for nearly thirty years. In a joint lecture, they shared the spirit of Guerrilla Girls artwork and challenged the audience to take action of their own. A lively question and answer session (with inspiring participation from even some of the youngest audience members!) and a photo op followed.

For an nice selection of photos from the event, please click the following link: All photos in the flickr stream were taken by University of Denver photographer, Wayne Armstrong.

Thank you to Professor of Photography, Roddy MacInnes, who kindly shared the photos included in this post.

For more information about the Guerrilla Girls, check out their website:

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