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All about Andy


(Andy Close, 1983)

Did you know?

…some fun facts about Andy Warhol.

  • In the mid-1960s, Andy is said to have spray-painted his wig silver.

  • Andy had to wear a surgical corset for much of his life after he was shot in the stomach in 1968.

  • In 1980, Andy had an audience with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican (even though he believed in “crystal powers”).

  • Warhol had real estate here in Colorado.

  • Andy’s given name was actually Andrew Warhola, and he was raised as a Byzantine Catholic.

  • During his lifetime, Andy produced over 600 time capsules — cardboard boxes that he filled with material from his everyday life.

  • Andy was a hypochondriac, and had a significant fear of doctors and hospitals.

  • Warhol had so many possessions that after his death, it took Sotheby’s nine days to auction off his estate.

If you haven’t already, come see “Warhol in Colorado” at the Myhren Gallery, open through March 13th. Hours are noon-6pm, Monday through Sunday. Who knows what you might learn?

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