anna-estesHi blog readers! My name is Anna Estes, and I’m the new incoming Graduate Gallery Assistant at the Myhren Gallery. I’ll be periodically updating the blog and letting you all know of exciting upcoming events here at the gallery, around campus and in the community. I’m looking forward to getting started here, and hearing from everyone. Hope to see you all at the Alumni Exhibition on the 30th!

3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Phyllida Porter says:

    What a friendly introduction! Thank you. I understand that at sometime in the future you will be showing Marian Buchan’s “Harlequin”. Since it lived in our house for quite some time I would like to see it in its new home.

  2. Anna says:

    Hello Phyllida! Marian Buchan’s “Harlequin” is at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts here on campus, so you can see it any time!

  3. Phyllida Porter says:

    lter’s plan was to put it in the foyer of Mary Reed Hall with plaques honoring Campton Bell and my father. All that just for your info. I will try to come see it in the future. Thank you. Phyllida 🙂

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