The University of Denver’s Emergent Digital Practices Program, the School of Art and Art History, and the Vicki Myhren Gallery are proud to present the 2021 Graduating BFA Exhibition, Labyrinth of Phenomena. Following intensive coursework and preparation, featured student artists have selected works from their evolving practices honed over the course of their undergraduate careers. 

Though the works on view represent the artists as individuals, the students have authored a group statement for visitors to consider: 

What makes our experience our own? How do we navigate through the passages of time and our spaces in these bodies? There is a maze of directions and veins, some dead-end while others continuously connect us to personal freedom. Every facet of this labyrinth is part of a larger system, however. Regardless of where you find yourself– immersed in feeling, reclaiming the past, a tiny organism amidst a vast universe — you are always breathing within a system of others in their own spaces. You can find the center, find the edge, or find that the in-between is just as fruitful. How do you move through it all?

Exhibition installation photography will be available in June of 2021. In the meantime, tale a sneak peak at this years student artists.

2021 Artists:

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Jordan Bigelow

Jason Krichhoffer Duncan

Paige Grover

Sean Kennedy

Kari Langford

Liam McGaha

Marie Negaard

Benjamin Powell

Eren Yazzi