The exhibition is a partnership between the University of Denver and Black Cube. The partnership has three main aspects: a site-specific performance, an exhibition, and an interactive website. The Institute for New Feeling project is a new addition to their wellness product line, an enhanced water drink called Avalanche. Using an advanced and unprecedented filtration technique, this zero-calorie beverage is bottled at the source of the Never Summer Mountain Range in Colorado.


Artists/Partners: Institute for New Feeling collaboration with Black Cube Nomadic Museum, in coordination with Biennial of the Americas 2017


“By conflating the language of bottled water advertising with that of municipal water usage, we hope to push this idea of water “enhancement” to its most extreme degree. Enhanced water is one of the fastest growing beverage industries of the 2000’s. What if water could be enhanced (physically, nutritiously, energetically) by human usage rather than simply contaminated by it?”

  • Institute For New Feeling

Institute for New Feeling

Founded by Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt, and Nina Sarnelle, IfNf describes their collaboration as “a research clinic committed to the development of new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new.” Their multidisciplinary works and installations borrow from the language of corporate branding, new age healing and traditional medicine, injecting the mystical and uncanny into commercial interfaces.


About Black Cube

Black Cube is a nonprofit, experimental art museum that operates nomadically. Without the traditional boundaries of a physical building, Black Cube exists primarily through partnering with its artist fellows to commission popup art experiences. Black Cube, acts as an unconventional museum pursuing the most effective ways to engage audiences while supporting individual artists with critical professional guidance.